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LKC Quick Facts:
- Opened in 2003
- 13 Stations
- 3 Treatment Modules
- 1 Isolation Room
- 50 - 60 patients
- 4-to-1: Patient-to-Tech Ratio
- Most Insurances Accepted including Medicare and Medicaid, BCBS, BCN, Total Health Care, OmniCare, COBRA, Medicare, Prime Plus, Blue Cross Advantage

Kidney Center

5830 Conner Street
Detroit, MI 48213
313-371-5433 (phone)
313-371-6937 (fax)

At Life-alysis Kidney Center, we pride ourselves on having a highly trained, professional staff.  Our nurses have on average 10 years of nursing experience and some of our nurses have 15 20 years of experience in dialysis alone.


Nurse (RN): Medicare regulations require that a licensed health professional (doctor, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse) be on duty at all times while patients are on hemodialysis.  In some cases, our nurses may do the hemodialysis treatment or supervise technicians who do the treatment.  A nurse may serve as a dialysis educator who explains different methods of dialysis.  Or, the nurse may train patients on home dialysis.  An experienced registered nurse in the dialysis center is an excellent resource for answering questions.



Life-alysis Kidney Center RNs
Priscilla Payton
Luther Gray, III
Antonio Guevarra

Our Patient Care Technicians interact with patients every day and throughout the patients treatment.  They learn our patients preferences and try to help our patients have the best treatment possible. 


Patient Care Technicians:
Most dialysis centers use patient care technicians to help patients during in-center hemodialysis.  Technicians will put the patient on and take the patient off the dialysis machine and monitor vital signs during the treatment.  Technicians also help the patient feel more comfortable during hemodialysis and answer basic questions about the process.  Nurses and Social Workers are also available to answer your questions.
Life-alysis Kidney Center
Patient Care Technicians (PCT)
Brandon Payton
Jerald Payton
Athena  Randle
Quilliam Owens
Willie Cumberland
All our staff at Life-alysis are here to help our patients get the most out of their dialysis treatment in the most efficient, clean, and pleasant environment.
Social Worker:
Our social worker in a dialysis center, or renal social worker, can provide you with a wealth of information.  He will meet with you within days, or at most, two weeks after starting dialysis.  He will be able to provide you with counseling and education information. 
Our renal dietitian is available to help you understand good food choices and blood chemistries.  When you find out how certain foods and fluids affect you, you will be less likely to consume this food.  Controlling food and fluid may be the most difficult adjustment you have to make.  Our dietitian can also recommend cookbooks written for dialysis patient and offer tips on how to make healthy and delicious meals everyone in your home can enjoy.  She can also answer any questions you have about your diet and eating right.
Unit Secretary:
Our unit secretary will help with calling/coordinating your transportation, scheduling doctor appointments, and ensuring our facility is efficiently run.
 Custodial Technician:
Our custodial technician ensures our facility is clean at all times.
Life-alysis Kidney Center Staff
Sunil Zacharia
Social Worker

Merlene Pichon
Renal Dietician
Kirsten Jones
Unit Secretary
Mr. Allen
Custodial Technician











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